TPSIV 4000-70A
  • TPSIV 4000-70A
  • TPE+Silicone Rubber
  • TPU+Silicone Rubber
  • TPSIV 3040-70A
  • TPSIV 4000-70A
  • TPSIV 3111-70A
  • TPSIV 4000-50A
  • TPSIV 4000-60A
  • TPSIV 3345-65A
  • TPSIV 4000-80A

Silicone+TPU TPSiV 4000-80A

Model No.︰

TPSiV 3345-65A

Brand Name︰

TPSIV siloxane Elastomers

Country of Origin︰


Minimum Order︰

25 KG

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Product Description

TPU+siloxane Elastomers

Type Color Material No. Origin Available
TPSIV 4000-50A Natural 418060 France on request
TPSIV 4000-60A Natural   France on request
TPSIV 4000-80A Natural   Frances 5,000 kg
TPSIV 3040-70A BLK 25349   Frances 500 kg
TPSIV 3451-60A

Black **

  Frances on request
TPSIV 3345-65A

BLK25565 **



on request

25 kg


**Notes: Our inventory list changes every month, Marked **,This is a spot buy one time deal & not repeatable…we got this from a molder who had excess inventory.  More order and datasheet/msds and other certificate and packaging pics,Please send e-mail to :  


Payment Terms︰ T/T
Packing︰ 25kg/bag
Lead Time︰ 3 days

Product Image

TPSIV 4000-70ATPSIV 4000-70A

TPE+Silicone RubberTPE+Silicone Rubber

TPU+Silicone RubberTPU+Silicone Rubber

TPSIV 3040-70ATPSIV 3040-70A

TPSIV 4000-70ATPSIV 4000-70A

TPSIV 3111-70ATPSIV 3111-70A

TPSIV 4000-50ATPSIV 4000-50A

TPSIV 4000-60ATPSIV 4000-60A

TPSIV 3345-65ATPSIV 3345-65A

TPSIV 4000-80ATPSIV 4000-80A