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Silicone+TPU TPSiV 3345-65A

TPSIV 4000-70A
  • TPSIV 4000-70A
  • TPE+Silicone Rubber
  • TPU+Silicone Rubber
  • TPSIV 3040-70A
  • TPSIV 4000-70A
  • TPSIV 3111-70A
  • TPSIV 4000-50A
Model No.︰adhesive to PC
Brand Name︰TPSIV siloxane Elastomers
Country of Origin︰France
Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG
Minimum Order︰25 KG
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Product Description

Multibase A Dow Corning Corporation TPSiV siloxane Elastomers

TPSiV  (TPE + siloxane) "Unique!"

With the product family TPSiV ™ are properties of silicone rubber, such as high temperature strength and low abrasion, with characteristics of conventional thermoplastics, such as mechanical strength and easy processability combined.

TPSiV ™ is synthesized in a dynamically designed vulcanization silicone rubber and an engineering thermoplastic. In the final product fully vented and cross-linked silicone rubber are domains in the continuous matrix of the thermoplastic dispersed. Silicone rubber is the soft, the respective thermoplastic hard component of the TPE. Since mainly the continuous matrix determines the processing characteristics of the entire material TPSiV ™ is to process despite the high proportion of elastomer with conventional extruders and injection molding machines.

This unique material development has the following properties:
High and low temperature resistance
Next hardness without the use of plasticizers
Conventional thermoplastic processability
Very good 2K connection to all common thermoplastics (except POM)
High chemical resistance
Elastomeric behavior
High abrasion resistance
Pleasant silky feel
Complete painting and printability
Excellent weldability


These proprietary compounds feature crosslinked silicone rubber dispersed within a matrix of TPU or other thermoplastic resin. As a class, TPSiV compounds share a significant set of properties. The silicone rubber contributes resistance to chemicals, UV, and heat; while the TPU phase provides abrasion resistance, bonding, color versatility, and processing simplicity. Because resilience is achieved without using plasticizers, these materials provide luxurious, silky feel and minimize issues associated with volatile emissions or migration.
TPSiV's 33 and 34 Series – Aliphatic TPU Series (Overmolding, UV resistance)which consists of the silicon rubber in a proprietary polymer that can be injection/extrusion molded,maximum 110°C

TPSIV 3111-70A

· Solution for appliance, sports and leisure, and construction applications where
excellent hydrolysis resistance, high and/or low temperature resistance, and abrasion
resistance are required.
· NFS compliance


Hardness shore A60
TPSiV 3345-65A BLK25565
Hardness shore A69
Hardness shore A82
Key benefits:
Good UV resistance++ for all colors,
Good processability for molding of thin skin,
Excellent abrasion resistance enabling the possibility to eliminate paint and varnish,
Bond without adhesive to PC, ABS, ASA and alloy,
Good chemical resistance to oils.

TPSiV™ 3040-55A / 60A / 65A / 70A / 85A Thermoplastic polyurethane.combine the benefits of excellent abrasion resistance from the polyurethane as well as the lower coefficient of friction and improved temperature properties from the silicone rubber.Plasticizer free, these grades are designed for good flow characteristics and a unique “silky” feel. They are used in injection molding applications, specifically overmolding and co-molding on PC and ABS. They exhibit good abrasion resistance, and good retention of properties in harsh environments. They are commonly used in communication devices, computers, and electronic devices.

Type Color Material No. Origin Available
TPSIV 4000-50A Natural 418060 France NON
TPSIV 4000-60A Natural   France NON
TPSIV 3345-65A BLK25565   France NON

**Any about TPSIV inquire e-mail: x.g.chiang@gmail.com 

Price Terms︰EX-Works China
Payment Terms︰T/T
Lead Time︰3 days
Product Image

TPSIV 4000-70A
TPSIV 4000-70A

TPE+Silicone Rubber
TPE+Silicone Rubber

TPU+Silicone Rubber
TPU+Silicone Rubber

TPSIV 3040-70A
TPSIV 3040-70A

TPSIV 4000-70A
TPSIV 4000-70A

TPSIV 3111-70A
TPSIV 3111-70A

TPSIV 4000-50A
TPSIV 4000-50A

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