C/C brake disc
  • C/C brake disc
  • C/C support rod
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carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites(C/C)

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Product Description

Carbon/carbon composite materials are carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites(C/C), first woven or punctured carbon fiber into prefa bricated bodies (carbon cloth,short fiber mesh,quasi-three-dimensional puncture fabric, multi-directional weaving fabric,etc.) the impregnated resin(or asphalt)-charring or chemical vapor depositure/osmosis(CVD/CVI)process then fills pores in the porous precast to obtain in the material for the required structure and properties.



Mainly used in various types of aircraft & railway(brake disc)/support rod/crucible , high strength,light weight,durable,wear resistant.



High specific strength/specific modulus.

Excellent thermal conductivity(high thermal condutivity,low thermal conductive.

Low thermal expansion coefficient(CTE)

High temperature resistance,wear resistance,stable size,strong structure and performance design.



**Any about C/C materials please send e-mail to:   x.g.chiang@gmail.com 

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C/C brake discC/C brake disc

C/C support rodC/C support rod

C/C crucibleC/C crucible