Makroblend S7916
  • Makroblend S7916
  • Makroblend UT4045
  • Makroblend DP7665
  •  Makroblend UT6005
  • Makroblend KU2-7912/4
  • Makroblend  UT6007

PC+PBT Makroblend UT6007

Model No.︰

Makroblend M525

Brand Name︰

Makroblend PC+PET & PBT+PET blend

Country of Origin︰


Unit Price︰


Minimum Order︰

25 kg

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Product Description

impact modified and flame retardant PC+PET blend.

impact modified PC+PBT blend.

Tradename& Grade Color No. Type Origin Available
Makroblend 7916 000000 PC+PBT Italy 750 kg
Makroblend 7645 901510     100 kg
Makroblend S7912 900034 **     200 kg
Makroblend UT235M 901510     100 kg
Makroblend UT6005 901510     550 kg
Makroblend UT6007 000000 **     500 kg
Makroblend M525 000000     on request
Makroblend 1386 000000     on request
Makroblend KU2-7912/4 701004 **   Germany 1,000 kg

**Notes: Our inventory list changes every month, Marked **,This is a spot buy one time deal & not repeatable…we got this from a molder who had excess inventory.  More order and datasheet/msds and other certificate and packaging pics,Please send e-mail to : 


Payment Terms︰ T/T
Packing︰ 25KG/BAG
Lead Time︰ 5 Days

Product Image

Makroblend S7916Makroblend S7916

Makroblend UT4045Makroblend UT4045

Makroblend DP7665Makroblend DP7665

 Makroblend UT6005 Makroblend UT6005

Makroblend KU2-7912/4 Makroblend KU2-7912/4

Makroblend  UT6007Makroblend UT6007

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