Makroblend S7916
  • Makroblend S7916
  • Makroblend UT4045
  • Makroblend DP7665
  •  Makroblend UT6005
  • Makroblend KU2-7912/4
  • Makroblend  UT6007

PC+PBT Makroblend UT6005 UT6007

Model No.︰

Makroblend M525

Brand Name︰

Makroblend PC+PET & PBT+PET blend

Country of Origin︰


Unit Price︰


Minimum Order︰

25 kg

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Product Description

impact modified and flame retardant PC+PET blend.

impact modified PC+PBT blend.

Tradename& Grade Color No. Type Origin Available
Makroblend 7916 000000 PC+PBT Italy 1,750 kg
Makroblend 7645 901510     100 kg
Makroblend S7912 900034     200 kg
Makroblend UT235M 901510     100 kg
Makroblend UT6005 901510     250 kg
Makroblend UT6007 000000     500 kg
Makroblend M525 000000     on request
Makroblend 1386 000000     on request
Makroblend KU2-7912/4 701004 **   Germany 1,000 kg

**Notes: makes **,This is a spot buy one time deal & not repeatable…we got this from a molder who had excess inventory.  More order and datasheet/msds and other certificate and packaging pics,Please send e-mail to : 


Payment Terms︰ T/T
Packing︰ 25KG/BAG
Lead Time︰ 5 Days

Product Image

Makroblend S7916Makroblend S7916

Makroblend UT4045Makroblend UT4045

Makroblend DP7665Makroblend DP7665

 Makroblend UT6005 Makroblend UT6005

Makroblend KU2-7912/4 Makroblend KU2-7912/4

Makroblend  UT6007Makroblend UT6007

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