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Zytel PLUS nylon PLS95G35DH1

Zytel PLS95G35DH1
Model No.︰SHIELD
Brand Name︰Zytel PLUS
Country of Origin︰United States
Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / kg
Minimum Order︰100 kg
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Product Description


Zytel PLUS nylon gets its ability to withstand long term exposure to heat and chemicals from SHIELD Technology, only from DuPont.  DuPont™ SHIELD Technology combines several innovations, including polymer modifications and a special set of additives, to enhance many performance characteristics:

  • Withstand longer periods of exposure to hot air vs standard nylon
  • Withstand significantly higher temperatures than standard nylon
  • Withstand more than 3,000 hours exposure to hot oil and 3000 hours exposure to hot automotive coolant
  • Last 2 to 3 times longer than other nylons exposed to aggressive chemicals – such as road salt – and hot environments
  • Retain most of its weld strength after 1000 hours at 210 degrees C, while traditional materials have dropped to almost zero.
  • These improvements are achieved while maintaining excellent processability and delivering superior surface aesthetics.

Available grade:
Zytel PLS95G35DH1
high flow, 35% glass fiber reinforced DuPont SHIELD protected polyamide resin for injection molding. It provides excellent surface appearance, excellent welding, excellent fatigue retention and exceptional resistance to hot air and hot oil.


Type Color No. Mat No. Origin Available
ZYTEL PLS95G35DH1 BK031   USA 500 kg


**any inquire please e-mail to :  x.g.chiang@gmail.com

Price Terms︰exw cn
Payment Terms︰t/t
Lead Time︰5 days
Product Image

Zytel PLS95G35DH1
Zytel PLS95G35DH1

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