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PTFE Dyneon TFM1700

3M Modified PTFE
  • 3M Modified PTFE
  • PTFE skived films of >20 μm
  • Dyneon Fluoroplastic Granules
  • Dyneon THV 500GZ
  • Dyneon PFA 6502TZ
Model No.︰Dyneon TFM1600
Brand Name︰Dyneon PTFE
Country of Origin︰United States
Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / kg
Minimum Order︰50 kg
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Product Description

Dyneon Fluoroplastic 

Food Contact Regulation: EU-Directive, BGVO (BfR, LFGB)- and FDA & NSF 51 Status 

Drinking water DVGW & KTW W270 & WRAS & ACS & NSF 61.


Dyneon fluoroplastic granules PFA 6502TZ

melt processable, partially crystalline, fluoroplastic resin which offers a valuable combination of properties, such as non-stick, chemical resistance and non-flammable qualities. It can be extruded or molded into parts such as tubing or sheets, using specialized equipment.


Dyneon Fluoroplastic Granules THV 500GZ
very good permeation resistance to hydrocarbon fuels and other chemicals, low flammability, thermal stability, and melt processability. exhibits excellent weatherability. has the ability to bond to itself, as well as elastomers and olefinic plastics. It can also be extruded into optically clear sheets and tubes or molded into articles requiring flexibility and flame resistance. Additionally, this product is e-beam curable.

Ideal for Flexible Tubing

Dyneon fluoroplastic granules THV 500GZ offers design versatility for parts with high flexibility and optical clarity, which boosts light transmission. These attributes make THV 500GZ ideal for clear tubing as well as sheets, films and containers where flexibility is required.


Dyneon TFM 1700 
non-free-flowing compression molding powder for applications like shaped parts, cylinders or blocks, skived films of >20 μm, linings in the chemical processing industry (CPI) and seals, and is suitable as basic material for filled PTFE (compounds).
Also sold compounded to enhance properties
Chemical resistance.
density 420 g/l
particle size:25um

Dyneon TFM1600 
modified granular PTFE for molding and ram extrusion with very good free-flow properties.
Free-flowing resin
Reduced melt viscosity and cold flow, deformation under load, and extractables
Lower porosity, permeability, void content
Excellent non stick and dielectric properties
Higher elastic modulus
Smoother surfaces, excellent welda
Improved design flexibility
density 830 g/l
particle size:450um

Dyneon Fluoroplastic Inventory List
Type Color MFI Origin Available
PFA 6502TZ     USA 100 kg
THV 500GZ     USA 100 kg
PTFE TFM1600     USA on request
PTFE TFM1700     USA on request


**Any questions e-mail to:x.g.chiang@gmail.com 

Payment Terms︰T/T
Packing︰25KG/Drum, 50kg/Drum
Lead Time︰5 DAYS
Product Image

3M Modified PTFE
3M Modified PTFE

PTFE skived films of >20 μm
PTFE skived films of >20 μm

Dyneon Fluoroplastic Granules
Dyneon Fluoroplastic Granules

Dyneon THV 500GZ
Dyneon THV 500GZ

Dyneon PFA 6502TZ
Dyneon PFA 6502TZ

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