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TPV Sarlink 3180

sarlink 3140b
  • sarlink 3140b
  • sarlink tpvs black
  • sarlink 3170b
  • sarlink 3180b
  • sarlink 3160N
Model No.︰sarlink 3160N
Brand Name︰sarlink tpvs
Country of Origin︰United States
Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / kg
Minimum Order︰25 kg
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Product Description

Sarlink TPVs thermoplastic elastomeric compounds resulting from a process technology unique within the Teknor Apex TPE portfolio. The Sarlink® product range represents a versatile and durable solution when your application requires properties that closely match those of thermoset rubbers like EPDM. 
Sarlink TPE-V Product Portfolio
3100 Series    General Purpose grades for molding and extrusion
3400 Series    NSF grades for potable water applications
4100 Series    Molding and extrusion grades, with excellent elastic, heat aging properties and chemical resistance
4700 Series    High flow injection molding grades with UV resistance
5700 Series    Extrusion grades with UV resistance
6100 Series    Molding and extrusion grades, excellent colorability, non-hydroscopic

Sarlink 3190
polypropylene based elastomer,Shore 90A.
Sarlink 3180 
polypropylene based elastomer,Shore 80A
Sarlink 3170 
polypropylene based elastomer,Shore 70A

Sarlink 3140 
polypropylene based elastomer, Shore 40A
SARLINK X3135B-40,
polypropylene based elastomer,Shore 35A

Sarlink TPVs which can be processed on conventional thermoplastic equipment for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. This product has a wide processing window in most applications. Melt temperatures from 360°F to 430°F can be used. Do not exceed 450°F. Drying is recommended for extrusion and blow molding and any time the material is used from an unsealed package.


sarlink inventory list
type Color Shore A Origin Available
3180B black 80 Belgium 1,000 kg
3160N natural 60 Belgium on request
3150B black 54~56 Belgium 1,000 kg

**polypropylene elastomeric e-mail to : x.g.chiang@gmail.com

Payment Terms︰T/T
Lead Time︰5 DAYS
Product Image

sarlink 3140b
sarlink 3140b

sarlink tpvs black
sarlink tpvs black

sarlink 3170b
sarlink 3170b

sarlink 3180b
sarlink 3180b

sarlink 3160N
sarlink 3160N

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