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Low Temperature UV-Stabilized outdoor F1 Solar Connection

Solar Connection
  • Solar Connection
  • Low Temperature Solar
  • UV-Stabilized Solar
  • outdoor F1 Solar
  •  UV-Stabilized F1 for outdoor Solar
  • solar connection box
  • solar connection
Model No.︰Solar plastics
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG
Minimum Order︰25 KG
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Product Description

GPOLYMERS®LT(Low Temperature Engineering Thermoplastic Compounds)LT93U
This is injection molding grade, -60° C Ductility, Opaque color, UV-Stabilized F1 for outdoor application(UV-light, water exposure/immersion), Flame retardant UL94 5VA 3.00mm/V-0 1.5mm, Non-chlorinated, non-brominated flame retardant product. 

LT93U sensitive to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light and weathering. The degree of sensitivity is very much dependent on the specific grade, the specified color and the weathering conditions. 
LT93U resin can be ideally suited to a range of both indoor and outdoor applications. For applications which are exposed to critical environments of intense sunlight and high humidity. 
LT93U resin can be additionally protected in various ways. 
LT93U suitable for outdoor long-term weatherability use over 25 year. 
We have in black colors for solar applications based long team UV resistance in outdoor. 

**Outdoor suitability F1 
A material that is considered suitable for outdoor use has gone through testing in accordance with UL 746C, the Standard for Safety of Polymeric Materials -- Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations, of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure for 720 hours of twin-enclosed carbon or 1, 000 hours of xenon-arc weatherometer conditioning, and/or water exposure or immersion for the seven days at 70 degrees C. The material is tested before and after exposure to these conditions for flammability, mechanical impact and mechanical strength. 
The results may lead to one of the following outcomes: 
(f1) -- Suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water exposure and immersion in accordance with UL 746C. The (f1) footnote indicates that the material has met both UV and water exposure or immersion requirements as called out in UL 746C. 

Ultra violet (UV) light accounts for around 5% of the sunlight received on the earth's surface and falls in the waveband 100-400µ M. There are three UV bands (A, B and C) with wavelengths 400-320µ M, 320-280µ M and 100-280µ M respectively. 
There are several test methods for conducting accelerated UV weathering of thermoplastics materials. These include: 
1) Outdoor exposure 
2) Fluorescent bulb type tests (QUV) 
3) Xenon Arc type tests. 
Weathering is the deterioration of a material under the influence of temperature, oxygen, relative humidity and UV radiation. Weathering tests assessing color shift are divided into "real time" exterior testing and laboratory-accelerated testing, and may include both wet and dry cycles for applications intended for external use. It should be noted that color, an integral part of a material's formulation, could have an influence on visual appearance in UV aging performance as well as affecting the properties.


**All information provided by CNDO GROUP INC

**Any questions e-mail to:x.g.chiang@gmail.com 

Price Terms︰EX-Works China
Payment Terms︰T/T
Lead Time︰5 DAYS
Product Image

Solar Connection
Solar Connection

Low Temperature Solar
Low Temperature Solar

UV-Stabilized Solar
UV-Stabilized Solar

outdoor F1 Solar
outdoor F1 Solar

 UV-Stabilized F1 for outdoor Solar
UV-Stabilized F1 for outdoor Solar

solar connection box
solar connection box

solar connection
solar connection

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