Toughened Nylon Zytel ST801

Toughened Nylon Zytel ST801

Model No.︰Zytel 80G33HS1L

Brand Name︰ZYTEL ST

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰25 KG

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Product Description

DuPont Zytel ST(super tough) nylon resins
Multiple Solutions to Fit Your Part’s Needs
The Zytel product line contains a range of super tough ST and toughened T
grades to allow you to fulfill different requirements.
Key properties are listed in the tables on the back page.

ZYTEL ST801A - Classic ST Advantage
Zytel ST801A Same great physical properties and chemical resistance as the world’s preeminent super tough
nylon. Advantage molding benefits. Heat-stabilized and weatherable grades available.
Zytel DMX ST601AH - Moisture-stable ST Advantage
Super tough nylon with superior dimensional stability and consistent strength and stiffness when moisture conditions change. Advantage
molding benefits.
Zytel ST901 - High-stiffness, toughest ST nylon
Highest impact resistance of our super tough nylons plus superior stiffness and low mold shrinkage. Suitable for both molded
parts and extruded profiles.
Zytel ST811HS - Flexible, extrudable ST
Our most flexible Zytel ST resin. Suitable for profile extrusion or injection molding. Ideal for products that must withstand repeated flexing:tubing, hose liners or cable jacketing, for example.
Zytel ST800HSL
Heat Stabilized ST800L
Zytel ST801
Outstanding Impact Resistance—Lubricated
Zytel ST801HS
Heat Stabilized ST801
Zytel ST801AW

Super tough,high performance pa66 resin,it is UV stabilized and when appropriately offers the best resistance to indirect sunlight in automotive interior application.

ZYTEL MT409A - Classic T Advantage
More toughness than standard nylon, more stiffness than super tough nylons plus Advantage molding benefits. Regular, heat-stabilized and weatherable grades available.

Zytel DMX MT609AH - Moisture-stable T Advantage
Superior dimensional stability and consistent trength and stiffness when moisture conditions change. Great for parts needing more toughness than standard nylon, more stiffness than super tough nylons. Advantage molding benefits. 

Zytel Toughened Nylon 66 
Zytel 408 
Impact Resistant 
Zytel 408HS 
Impact Resistant—Heat Stabilized 
Zytel 408L 
Impact Resistant—Lubricated 
Zytel 450HSL 
Intermediate Impact Resistance, Heat Stabilized and Lubricated 
Zytel 7300T
toughenes nylon 6 resin
Zytel 3189HSL 
Heat Stabilized—Lubricated 


CF+GF toughened polyamide

Zytel 75CG45HSL BK409 
25% glass-reinforced, toughened, heat stabilized polyamide resin modified with 20% carbon fiber for improved performance in structural applications.


Zytel 8018 (PA66-IGF14)
14% glass reinforced, toughened polyamide 66 resin. General information Value Unit Test Standard Resin Identification


Zytel 80G33HS1L (PA66-IGF33)
33% Glass Reinforced, Toughened, Heat Stabilized, Polyamide 66.

Zytel CFE8005HS 
Super Tough, heat stabilized, black polyamide 66 resin offering outstanding melt strength for extrusion blow molding applications.

Type Color No. Origin Available

Zytel ST801

Zytel ST801HS

Zytel ST801AW

Zytel ST801AHS


500 Kg

5,000 Kg

1,000 kg

5,000 kg

ZYTEL ST7301 NC010 USA 1,000 kg
ZYTEL ST801 BK010 USA 1,000 kg
ZYTEL CFE8005HS BK010 USA 5,000 Kg
ZYTEL 8018 NC010 CHINA 1,000 kg
ZYTEL 80G33HS1L NC010 CHINA 2,000 kg
ZYTEL MT409AHS NC010 USA 3,000 kg
ZYTEL 7300T NC010 USA 1,000 kg

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Price Terms︰ EXW/CIP/FOB/CIF

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 3 DAYS

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